Exterior of Tekarra Lodge

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Tekarra Lodge is a unique, historic property that has maintained its connection to Jasper National Park, and simpler times through concerted choices. You won’t find televisions in our cabins or lodge rooms and while we do offer wi-fi, our available bandwidth is limited. Tekarra Lodge isn’t a place where you sit inside, or stare at a screen. Tekarra Lodge is a place where you get outside, explore, play games, breathe deeply and soak in the majesty.

Exterior of Tekarra Lodge

Tekarra Restaurant

Tekarra Restaurant is a dream come true for both Sean and Dayana, the dynamic duo who have taken over the operations of this beloved venue. They believe that the charm of this authentic 'cabin in the woods' offers a great opportunity to create the most memorable dining experience in Jasper National Park.

Exterior of Campus Tower Suite Hotel

Campus Tower Suite Hotels

Just as Tekarra Lodge holds a unique positioning in Jasper, so too does our sister property, Campus Tower Suite Hotels in Edmonton.  Campus Tower Suite Hotel’s approach and amenities all aim to create a Live.Like.Home environment.

Robe with Coast Hotels emblem on bed

Coast Hotels

Both Tekarra Lodge and Campus Tower Suite Hotel are managed by Coast Hotels.